Internally hosted services

Self Hosting

It today is in flux with some advocating cloud whereas others doing everything in house. We try to take a more balanced hybrid approach. For the most part we bring the cloud to your premises. This ensures you have all services needed for efficient operation of your business and giving us the ability to resolve issues when they arise.

We use proven enterprise grade technologies like KVM, LXC and Docker to virtualize your infrastructure. This allows us to use one machine to provide you with services essential to your business.

Password Manager

Passwords in today's day and age are a mess. This is more so true for businesses where most work spaces are littered with passwords on sticky notes. When an employee is leaving getting all passwords and ensuring they are updated is also fairly problematic.

We provide your organization with a password manager that will alleviate these issues. It will store your passwords, suggest complex passwords, allow sharing of them and having notes regarding them. With addons for Firefox, Chrome, Android and iOS.  

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